Audi A8

Our Audi A8 type vehicles are one of our most popular cars to be driven in.  Many people refer to the inside cabin as an Aircraft cockpit as there are numerous amounts of lights and switches that are illuminated. The Audi is definitely a favorite among-st our clientele.  It has the perfect combination of Luxury and Performance combined into One.

Luxury & Performance

The Luxury Sedan is a 4-Door, full size. Enjoy lavish spaciousness and exquisite ambience with our Audi A8. Choice materials and palpable exclusivity with top-class workmanship even on smallest details, that sets new standards. Experience next-generation operating comfort that you feel familiar, but something new and exciting at the same time. Innovative technology that entertains and delights on your journey.

The Luxury Sedan is one of our most popular vehicles for a good reason. Capable of carrying up to 4 passengers safely and in style. This luxury Sedan’s grants you the freedom to concentrate on the essentials. The interior is impressive for its generous space division


  • Up to 4 passangers
  • Up to 3 Medium size luggage
  • Child / Booster seat available
  • Avoidance systems for your safety
  • Leather interior
  • WiFi available

Perfection until the smallest details

Thanks to exquisite attention to detail and extensive specifications as standard – adaptive air suspension, luxurious seats upholstered in Valcona leather, Quattro system technology which makes the Audi A8 the safest of luxury chauffeur drove cars, Audi A8 is one of our perfect gem and a favourite of our clientele.

Big, bold, beautiful

A quick transport between home and work, an important meeting, or a special event. Doesn’t matter, Chauffeured Solutions’ fleet is always ready. Audi A8 is a magnificent chauffeur car designed with passengers in mind. Whatever the occasion, this is truly a luxury chauffeur car for all occasions.